Class of 2016 //*Eleanor

I admire Eleanor so much. Yes, we know she’s beautiful!  But she’s also driven, focused and wicked smart.  My 18-year-old-self is kind of  jealous envious of her.


Summer Intern // *Mia See More >
Summer Intern // *Mia

Yay!  Mia Magnotto is on board as my summer intern! One of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.

Whew… she’s a taskmaster though ….

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Class of 2015 //*Isabelle See More >
Class of 2015 //*Isabelle

Isabelle is a dancer — obviously : )   But … not just only when she’s actually dancing….

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What can I say. The stars aligned.

*More coming soon.

Random_6   *Late Autumn, somewhere else
Random_6 *Late Autumn, somewhere else
Class of 2015 //*Allie See More >
Class of 2015 //*Allie

Well… Allie is a lot of fun. You may know that already though.

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Random_5  *Surf Watching
Random_5 *Surf Watching
On portraiture
On portraiture

A great article,  where Keira Knightley interviews Patrick Demarchelier about making portraits, and other …. For anyone interested in a peek of what goes on in the mind of a master portrait photographer.

Class of 2014  //  *T See More >
Class of 2014 // *T

[It’s Labor Day. The unofficial last day of summer. So before all of the sand is washed from our hair and our suntans have faded, here’s a little summer blockbuster of a post. Enjoy!]

Yes this was a photo shoot, but it was also (and more so) a day that T would just go out and do stuff and I would tag along and take photographs.

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Class of 2014 //  *George See More >
Class of 2014 // *George

[So today is Friday and tonight it’s on! The first football game of our season out under the lights.  Of course we’re excited! But we’re also feeling a little nostalgic for all the guys who’ve graduated. We’ll miss you out there Berg!!]

This portrait shoot with George was meant to be very simple, and it was. We spent one evening on a gorgeous piece of their family property and it was lovely.  But to be perfectly honest, I never for a minute thought he was looking forward to the shoot.  He pretty much told me so.  And I won’t say that this post was written with George in mind … but I also won’t say that it wasn’t.  : )  Never mind though! I love these photos.

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